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GE-Proton7-32 Released on GitHub latest release: GE-Proton7-33 4 hours ago -edit- don't use this build Check out latest releases or releases around GloriousEggroll/ proton-ge-custom GE-Proton7-32 Don't miss a new proton-ge-custom release NewReleases is sending notifications on new releases. Get notifications.

The button and/or link above will take you directly to GitHub. 📅 Last Modified: Wed, 07 Sep 2022 20:00:44 GMT. Changelog - ValveSoftware/Proton Wiki. Available in Proton Experimental (as.

Feb 25, 2022 · The core problem could be related to your wi-fi (maybe the channel, congestion, etc), or possibly the wi-fi module on the Deck is still wonky; they mentioned they were working on an update to fix the 5ghz drops, so maybe you could try switching to a 2.4ghz signal if you haven't already, and see if that improves things.. Install custom versions of Proton like Proton-GE directly.

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CLI program and API to automate the installation and update of GloriousEggroll 's Proton-GE Installation Install from Python Package Index pip3 install protonup Install from source git clone && cd protonup python3 install --user.

Compatibility tool for Steam Play based on Wine and additional components - GitHub - random404-bot/proton-ge-custom: Compatibility tool for Steam Play based on Wine.

If you have problems with movie rendering in game or at the start, ProtonGE can fix it because of FFmpeg and FAduio enabled ; all Proton patches ; In some cases the Game runs with ProtonGE but not with Proton; Steam Deck - ProtonUp-Qt - Install . The installation can done in the package manager „Discover".

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